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 Jared Ogden's Climbing Highlights:


2005 First free ascent of the Cobra Pillar, 5.11, Mt. Barrille, Alaska

2004 1st ascent of Prowed and Free V 5.12+ on Nalumasortoq in the   Tasermiut Fiord,Greenland.
2003 1st ascent of The Scorpion Wall (VI 5.11+) Roraima Tepui, Guyana
2002 Tibetan Borderlands, Seven first ascents up to V 5.11 @ 17,500 feet
2001 1st ascents of Padre Viento V M6 &The Gambler V M7 in Patagonia & Shaken Not Stirred on Moose’s Tooth, Alaska

2000 North Face of Jannu (7,710m) attempt, Nepal
1999 First ascent of Parallel Worlds (VII 5.11 A4) Great Trango Tower, Pakistan
1998 First ascent of Great Sail Peak (VI 5.10+ A4+) Canada
1997 First ascent of Ship of Fools (VII 5.11 A2 WI6), Shipton Spire, Pakistan. North Face of Jannu attempt, Nepal
1996 Guiding of Huascaran, Illimani, Huana Potosi & Condoriri in Peru and Bolivia
1995 1st ascent Book of Shadows(VII 5.10+ A4 WI4) Nameless Tower, Pakistan
1994 Kangchempo attempt, Nepal
1993 Island Peak & Loboche Peak ascents, Nepal


Rock Climbing
Best on-sight: 5.13a
, V8
Best redpoint: 5.13b/c
, V10
The rainbow wall 12b, on-sight in a day, Red Rocks, NV
Bacher-Yerian 5.11c-RX, Tuolumne, CA.
Moonlight Buttress 5.12d Zion, Utah
The jokers wild 5.12c first ascent, Telluride, CO.
Hydropower 13a, 2nd ascent, Telluride, CO.
The white belly 5.12+ Telluride, CO.
The pumphouse 13a 1st ascent, Telluride, CO.
Electric Africa 5.12c Tuolumne Meadows, CA., Many other notable ascents to boot.

El Capitan
The Nose VI 5.11 A1 6 times, 9.5hrs-fastest
Atlantic Ocean Wall VI 5.10 A3+
The Shortest Straw VI 5.10 A3+, 36 hours
Mescalito VI 5.11 A2+, 33 hours
The Shield VI 5.11 A3
Lurking Fear VI 5.11 A1, 19 hours
Native Son VI 5.10 A4+,
Zenyatta Mondatta VI 5.10 A4
Wall of Early Morning Light VI 5.10 A3
Zodiac VI 5.11 A2,
West Face 9hrs, East Buttress 3hrs


Jedi Mind Tricks, Lake City, Co M13, FA 
Vertical Limit M11+
Tomahawk, M10
Fistful of Steel, Ouray Co. M10, FA
Cold Cold World, New Hampshire, M8+ FA
Something About You Makes Me Wild, M8 FA
Crazy Horse, Telluride, CO M8+ FA
Hard Line, Ouray, CO, M8+ FA
Against the Grain, Durango, CO, M8 FA
Six Degrees of Separation, M7RX FA
Hallogram, Telluride, CO, M7RX FA
Diaper Rash, NH, M7+ FA

Speed ascents:
Bridalveil WI5 & The Ice Hose WI5, 8hrs
Bird Brain Boulevard & The Ice Hose, 8hrs
El Capitan (the nose) and Regular route on Half Dome in 17 Hours
The Rostrum & Astroman all free 8 hrs
The jet stream VI 5.10 A3 16 hrs (record) Half Dome

ESPN Winter X-Games
Champion ’97: Ice Climbing Speed and Difficulty

Additional Information:
NBC Expedition Series: GREAT TRANGO TOWER 99,
National Geographic Explorer: BAFFIN ISLAND ’98
The Black ‘99
The Ice Hose ‘96 Banff Mountain Film Festival

Books featured in:

“LESSONS FROM THE EDGE” by Maryann Karnich 2000 Fireside Book by SIMON & SCHUSTER


Climbing Magazine: Top 10 Climbers List of 2000
Core Sports Magazine: Top 100 “Raddest” Athletes of 2000
Nomination for 2000 “PIOLET D’OR” for Great Trango Tower
Emmy Award for Baffin Island film